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The 2019 Grammys have been hit with eye-catching outfits making subtle — or not so subtle — political statements, some referencing President Trump and his desire to build a border wall or make the country “great” again. 

Singer Joy Villa’s right-leaning “build the wall” outfit made an impression, featuring a barbed-wire gown with cloak and spiky headpiece and a “Make America Great Again” red purse. The designer was Desi Lee Allinger of Desi Designs Couture. 

On the red carpet, Villa told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m here to support the wall, not the president. I love what the president is doing. Higher economy, lowered unemployment for black Americans, Latino Americans, I am both.”

Speaking about the dress specifically, Villa added, “This is my representation of the steel wall. Barbed wire shoulder pieces. A Statue of Liberty. I’m having fun with it.”

She called herself a “trailblazer” who grew up in the theater world. Of the Grammys, Villa said, “I can be amongst other aesthetic creators and costumes and we can be glamorous. It’s the Grammys — we can be over the top.”

Villa recognized the fact that there wouldn’t be many “pro-Trump” statements at the Grammys, which doesn’t bother here.

Like many Grammy attendees, Villa debuted two different looks, with a “Make America Great Again” purse prominent in both. The singer wore pro-Trump gowns to the last two Grammy Award ceremonies, signaling a tradition of political fashion.

Elsewhere on the red carpet, singer Ricky Rebel wore a reversible “Keep America great” again jacket from designer Andre Soriano. The word “Trump” was prominently placed and both the front and back offered different experiences and photographic opportunities.

In Rebel’s post on Sunday, he declared, “I’m a reflection of the 60+ Americans that voted for Donald Trump.” He hash tagged the post with “MAGA.”

The ensemble emerged from the same designer as the pro-Trump dress that Villa wore to the Grammys in 2017. For a costume change, Rebel appeared in an “American Rebel” jacket. 

The 61st Annual Grammys, hosted by Alicia Keys, were broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

The awards show itself also had its own political messages. During the show’s first performance, Camila Cabello’s colorful and energetic “Havana,” a performer on stage held up a prop newspaper that read, “Build Bridges Not Walls.” 

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